Euro Tech (Far East) Ltd.

Euro Tech (Far East) Ltd.

- Model ET5100 - Flue Gas Emissions Analyzer



Equipped with built-in air pump, ET5100 draws in sample gas through its temperature sensor built inside the sampling probe. Users can choose to have the gas analyzed by a variety of electrochemical sensors or nondispersed infrared detector for determining the gas pressure, temperature, and the concentration of O2, NO, NO2, SO2, CO2, CO, HC and other content elements in the sample. The instrument is also capable of calculating actual emission rates of the gas analyzed.

  • Large storage capacity; able to store a maximum of 500 sets of data; greatly enhances the storage and retrieval of data
  • RS232-C port enables uploading and storage of external data in the instrument
  • Real time print-out of test results by built-in printer
  • Can accommodate as much as 6 sensors
  • Modular circuit design enables automatic identification of sensor types
  • Users can specify their required measurement standards in the instrument
  • Use of real time excess oxygen coefficient enables the correct adjustment of pollutant concentrations (Excess Air Lambda)
  • Use of Pitot tube (optional accessory) enables automatic calculation of flue gas flow rate
  • Calculation of emission rates based on actual flow rates
  • Accuracy of test results is enabled by the use of pre-treatment device (optional accessory)
  • Able to function without AC power as a result of built-in batteries
  • The use of standard sampling sensor probe (probe length: 0.3 meter and length of flexible hose: 3 meter) which includes a temperature sensor and some basic treatment devices for gases
  • Powerful software enables users to input excess oxygen coefficient (Excess Air Lambda) and fuel coefficient

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