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- Model ES/ESP Series - Cooling Tower


The FM Approved Series ES and ESPevolved from the proven EvapTech Series EC product line. These products share high quality fire-retardant fiberglass pultrusions with proven structural integrity and a design methodology confirmed by FM Approvals Standard Class 4930 for resistance to the most extreme natural hazards.

EvapTech is a participating manufacturer to CTI Standard STD-202 (Publication of Test Results). The EC, ES and ESP product lines share the same functional heat transfer and drift eliminator component designs, although the ESP component materials are customized. The use of these heat transfer and eliminator designs assures owners reliable thermal performance and low drift rates.

Series ESP

  • Unique premium product Line intended for both single and multi-cell FM Approved applications.
  • Eliminates the FM requirement for any redundant thermal capacity.
  • Provides a greater degree of protection from fire and natural hazards to reduce the recovery time and cost when compared with other approved products.
  • Franklin Fill™ and Franklin Eliminators™ are made of custom formulated PVC with a limited combustibility rating. The self-extinguishing characteristics of these materials create a charring effect to choke off airflow and inhibit the spread of fire – If a fire cannot spread; it is by definition contained.
  • ESP incorporates the hardened SafeWall™ custom fiberglass casing technology to resist natural hazards.

Series ES

  • Intended for multi-cell FM Approved applications, typically when four or more cells are required.
  • Comparable fire protection to towers previously approved by older FM protocols requiring only containment of a fire.
  • Employs FireStop™ structural concrete panel technology to contain a fire within the cell of origin by preventing the fire from spreading over, under, around or through the cell walls and partitions to adjacent cells.
  • Incorporates the hardened SafeWall™ custom fiberglass casing technology

  • Reliability of Operations – Minimal loss of performance and interruption to operations.
  • Hardened to Survive - SafeWall™ technology resists damage and compromised thermal performance resulting from airborne debris and wind pressures created by severe storms and hurricanes. The durability that results will improve operation, maintenance, and reduce repair costs for the life of the product.
  • Cost Effective – The Series ES & ESP products are cost comparable to towers with fire protection systems.
  • Customizable Fill Components – A variety of high performance low-fouling fills with different sheet thicknesses for standard and extended service life.
  • Low Drift Rates – The best available control technology (BACT) for drift rates as low as 0.0005% is standard.
  • Air Inlet Treatments – The Series ES & ESP products can be customized for any application with a variety of air inlet treatments including no louvers, wide-spaced louvers, or cellular PVC louvers.
  • Product Quality is a Given – Quality audits of all combustible components by FM Approvals assures the same FM Approved product is provided for every project.
  • Avoid Thermal Redundancy – Extra or over-sized cells are not required.

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