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- Portable Multi Parameters Gas Analyzer



The AirSmart is a latest generation of gas analyzer to monitor the ambient air quality, with 4 key pollutants detection modules integrated in 1 compact enclosure. It can 24h continuously monitor the air quality of the environment in a certain area. It's of high sensitivity and accuracy, leading-edge technology, good reliability and requires much less maintenance.

The analyzer adopts Standard Reference Method and compliant with US EPA standards. Each analyzing module is the state-of-art design. They work simultaneously and independently without interfering each other. The analyzer simultaneously outputs SO2, NO-NO2-NOX, CO, and O3 every second on the homepage interface. When you touch the screen and select the target gas, you will enter the specific parameter's interface for more details of each.

The Android operating system makes it more easy to operate and monitor AQ data. It provides remote access to the real-time date and to monitor analyzer's working status. It saves much cost and time for daily work and maintenance. AirSmart is widely used in national stations, mobile monitoring and emergencies monitoring.

  1. ISO, EPA standards complied;
  2. Compact 3U size and modular design;
  3. 7-inch 24-bit colorful LCD touch screen with high resolution;
  4. Android operating system, easy for operation;
  5. Mobile APP with remote access to query and control the analyzer;
  6. Built-in GPS antenna and displacement sensor;
  7. Data communications by RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP;
  8. Optional unit as ppm, ppb, μg/m3, mg/m3;
  9. Easy installation & operation and small maintenance;
  10. Remote auto calibration function;
  11. 2 years data storage capability;

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