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Everise Technology Ltd.


- Model EVAIR1000 - Air Quality Monitoring System



Everise Technology Ltd. designs and produces a complete range of state of the air analyzers, sampling systems, calibration systems, data acquisition and software for the measurement and reporting of regulatory pollutants such as SO2, NO-NO2-NOx, CO, CO2, O3, NH3, H2S, THC, BTEX, PM2.5, PM10 particulates. The system can also integrates meteorological data acquired by weather stations. It can 24h continuously monitor the air quality of the environment in a certain area. It's of high sensitivity and accuracy, leading-edge technology, good reliability and requires less maintenance.

  1. ISO, US EPA standards compliant
  2. Modular design enables flexible combination in different application
  3. LCD touch screen
  4. Lower power consumption by optimized circuit
  5. Automated / programmable measuring range
  6. Android operation system
  7. Remote control by mobile phone

As per your requirements, we can customer-tailor design and engineer your AQMS projects. The system mainly consists of SO2 analyzer, NOx analyzer, CO analyzer, O3 analyzer, NH3 analyzer, H2S analyzer, PM10 analyzer, PM2.5 analyzer, THC analyzer, BTEX analyzer and ancillary equipment like zero air generator, dynamic gas calibrator, visibility sensor, haze pollution digital camera system, haze visibility sensor, shelter etc.

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