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Everise Technology Ltd.

- Model WINDVIEW 11 - Doppler Wind LiDAR


The Doppler Wind Lidar emits LASER pulses into the atmosphere. The photons are back-scattered on moving aerosols (dust, water droplets, salt crystals, biomass burning aerosols etc.) The moving aerosols induce an optical frequency change of the back-scattered laser light due to the Doppler effect. The Doppler shift is proportional to the radial wind velocity. Therefore wind velocity and wind direction at 40 range gates could be directly detected by the Lidar.

  1. Specific electronic gyroscope and GPS enables normal operation on the vehicle or ship;
  2. Strong adaptability to severe environment conditions like high salty, high temperature and humidity;
  3. Optional 4G module, supports remote access to data;
  4. Support lidar network observation;
  5. Easy for maintenance, allowing unattended operation.

  1. Pollution Diffusion Monitoring
  2. Wind Resource Assessment
  3. Severe Weather Observations
  4. Scientific Research