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- Model WINDVIEW 20 - Doppler Wind LiDAR



WINDVIEW20 is a new-generation of remote sensing lidar, designed by Everise’s R&D team. It’s a good tool to monitor and forecast wind shear and guarantee the aviation security.The max. detection range of this powerful doppler wind lidar can be up to 10km.

WIINDVIEW20 detects wind shear in the scanning range by real-time scanning all potential hazardous areas within the airport airspace and sends automatic alerts to air traffic controllers so that pilots can make corresponding decisions on flight safety.

We also provides self-developed IAWAS Intelligent Airport Windshear Alerting System for airport wind shear monitoring and early warning. This platform is featured of the most advanced display technology, 3D data presentation form, and powerful data analysis and processing capacity. The platform innovatively integrates real-time flight path information, displays the wind field information on the flight path of the aircraft in 3D map, and can carry out real-time monitoring and early warning of wind shear within 10km of the airport.

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