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- Model MINI XD-2 - Explosives Detector



The MINI XD-2 is an enhanced version of the battle tested XD-2 Explosives Detector. The Ex-Detect™ Mini XD-2 is an extremely rugged, reliable, trace-level explosives detector designed for all weather use. It detects the entire suite of both military and home-made explosives, as well as gun propellants, using a specific sequence of proprietary solutions in combination with a unique heating and cooling cycle over time. This procedure causes 'colorless' explosives to become colored dyes on the white swipe material. In addition, 3 optional independent spot test solutions are available for detecting Perchlorate, Urea, and pH.

  • Dimensions: 6'L x 2.9'W x 2.5'H
  • Weight:1.6 lbs
  • Power Supplies: 6 each, AA lithium batteries
  • 1 each AC to DC power cord
  • 1 each 12V cigarette lighter jack power cord
  • Tools:1 each small screwdriver
  • Kit Consumables:100 swipes
  • 1 each 3 mL Solution (yellow)
  • 1 each 3 mL Solution (blue)
  • 1 each 3 mL Solution (red)
  • Case:UN approved water tight case with foam
  • Mini XD-2:Water tight, O-ring lid and battery cover

  • Detects entire suite of military and homemade explosives, gun propellants, chlorates and nitrates
  • No false positives
  • No bake out time, humidity effects or down time after positive result
  • Detection limits in the low nanogram range
  • Proprietary solutions and heat/time combinations
  • New, larger heater provides shorter analysis times
  • New light (LED) sequence ensures the stage of analysis
  • Compact, rugged and water tight

All high explosives, low explosives, gun propellants and homemade explosives including:

  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Black Powder
  • C-4
  • Comp B
  • Detasheet
  • EGDN
  • HMTD
  • HMX
  • Nitrogylcerin
  • PETN
  • RDX
  • Semtex-1A
  • Smokeless Powder
  • TATP
  • TNT
  • Urea Nitrate

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