Spectrex Corporation

- Model XD-5 - Explosives Detector



The XD-5 is an extremely rugged, reliable, trace-level explosives detector designed for all weather use detects the entire suite of both military and home-made explosives. The XD-5 is o-ring sealed and water tight, operates as a semi automated detector, is not susceptible to humidity or environmental backgrounds and does not require calibration. The time required for the operator to obtain trace-level for low and high explosives, HME and other related compounds is approximately 30 seconds. There are no clear-down issues between samples. The detection limits for explosive residues are in the low nanogram levels and the detection range is very large (up to milligrams levels or more) without loss in sensitivity or carry-over to subsequent samples.

  • Detects entire suite of military and homemade explosives, gun propellants, chlorates and nitrates
  • No false positives
  • No bake out time, humidity effects or down time after positive result
  • Detection limits in the low nanogram range
  • Proprietary solutions and heat/time combinations
  • New, larger heater provides shorter analysis times
  • New light (LED) sequence ensures the stage of analysis
  • Compact, rugged and water tight

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