- Model C14CS-3000E - Tritium Collection System (220V)



The Model C14CS-3000E Tritium Collection System is a carbon 14 collection system consisting of a diaphragm pump, 12VDC brushless motor, two 500ml NaOH sampling vials with stainless steel caps and an overflow trap. The flow and volume of air passing through the system is adjusted and measured by a microprocessor controlled Digital Flow Meter (DFM). The DFM utilizes a precision-machined orifice to measure flowrate. The DFM displays on-board calculations on a bright large character LED display. Flowrate and totalized volume both corrected to a reference Temperature and Pressure and elapsed time are displayed.

Multiple operator selectable data download frequencies are available through the RS232 port for collection and/or storage of real-time data.

The unit is designed for continuous indoor or outdoor use. Please consult the product specifications for the design temperature range and the installation category.

The typical operating flow range can vary from 100 – 500 sccm or 500 – 1000 sccm.

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