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Field Painted Welded Steel Water Storage Tanks - Steel Oil Storage Tanks



Superior Tank designs, fabricates and erects welded steel storage tanks for the oil and water industries. Our welded tanks are well suited for storage of potable water, waste water, water for fire protection as well as crude oil and other petrochemicals. As Superior Tank custom manufactures the tank components, we are able to meet the needs of various projects and our welded tanks can be engineered to comply with a range of industry standards including AWWA D-100, API 12D, API-650 and NFPA-22. Our welded steel tanks feature field applied coatings specifically designed for the liquid stored such as raw water, drinking water and waste water as well as corrosive liquids such as crude oil, biofuels and brine water.

Our welded tanks feature a capacity of up to 6 million gallons (143,000 bbls) and serve a special niche of the tank projects which require extra large storage. Frequently, our welded tanks are used in wide open areas with significant staging areas nearby. Customers who purchase our welded steel tanks recognize the advantages of the larger storage capacity of our welded tanks and are willing to wait the extra time required by the time intensive welding on site and field applied coating process.

Our erection teams have decades of years of field experience and our elite oil field welded tank team has earned an outstanding Grade A CHESM safety rating. Our in depth knowledge of the oil field provides us with a significant advantage over other companies new to the oil industry.

In addition to new steel storage tanks, Superior Tank commonly manufactures parts and tank components which are specifically used on welded oil storage tanks and also can provide replacement parts for existing welded tanks. Welded tank structural replacement parts such a roof rafters and tank bottoms are custom fabricated to fit existing water and oil storage tanks. If needed our specialized field teams can install the replacement components and rehab older welded tanks.

As well as welded oil and water storage tanks, Superior Tank also designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of bolted steel storage tanks.

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