- Fixed Water Based Fire Fighting System for Local Application



The DESMI fixed fire fighting system is developed to suppress or extinguish fire at an early stage before releasing the total flooding system as required by SOLAS Ch.II-2/Reg. for ships constructed on and after 1st July 2002. The FineFog water mist has a highly suffocating and cooling effect and with the DESMI FineFog you can therefore protect the inflammable objects in accordance with SOLAS requirements (e.g. main engine top, auxiliary engine top, heated fuel oil purifier, oil fired boiler front, incinerator burner, oil fired inert gas generator etc) without having to shut down engine, evacuate personnel or seal off space.


The FineFogTM is designed and approved fully meet the requirements of SOLAS Ch.II-2/Reg.10.5.6, IMO MSC/Circ.913, MSC/Circ.1082, MSC/Circ.1165, MSC.1/Circ.1276 and MSC.1/Circ.1387 and is approved by the major classifications and recognized authorities.

The fire suppression or extinguishing function is based on the water mist M5 spray head which has proved its efficiency through many full-scale tests and real-world fires, complemented by DESMI design for easy and safe operation during the entire lifetime of the product.

DESMI FineFog - The Ultimate Solution!

  • DESMI FineFogTM water mist system offers many advantages compared to conventional solutions, such as:
  • Highly effective fire extinguishing or suppression
  • Less water consumption which means smaller size of pump, valves and pipes
  • Well designation for anti-clogging function of spray heads
  • System manual stop and change-over function through manual operating boxes
  • Lower overall system weight with compact pump skid unit simplifying installation and service
  • Minimum collateral damages due to the fine-fog water droplets and effective fire extinguishing feature
  • Low pressure and hot dip galvanized pipes reduce the installation costs
  • Immediate automatic or manual activation
  • Modular fire detection central for easy service, maintenance and trouble-shooting
  • Conventional and addressable fire detection system available as option
  • Minimum IP22 requirements for protected power generator, motor or electrical cabinets
  • High-quality components
  • World-wide service and technical solution support

  • K-factor: 5 (metric)
  • Spray angle: 90°
  • Material
    • Nozzle: Naval brass with NiSn plating
    • Filter: Stainless steel 316
    • Blow off cap: SS304 with PTFE bush
  • Weight: 88 g
  • Connection: 1/2” BSPT MALE
  • Water capacity: 9.4 l/min @ 3.5 bar for nozzle installation height up to 8 m
  • 15 l/min @ 9 bar for nozzle installation height up to 14.5 m
  • Extinguishing agent: Fresh or sea water

Water pump

  • Type Multi-stage centrifugal
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 3x400V/50Hz and 3X440V/60Hz
  • Insulation and enclosure Class F, IP55
  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump
  • Section valves
  • Control panels
  • Fire detectors
  • Alarm devices
  • Piping/accessories
  • Spray heads

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