ChemTreat, Inc.  - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation

- Model CL - Cooling Water Treatment System



FlexPro CL is a breakthrough innovation in cooling water treatment specifically designed to work on a broad range of cooling systems. This truly green solution supports emerging regulations while outperforming other cooling water chemistries.

When the water treatment industry was encouraged to eliminate chromates over 35 years ago, phosphate-based treatment programs emerged as the technology of choice. Since that time, the industry has become increasingly aware of the challenges associated with phosphate-based technology:

  • The precise control required to prevent phosphate deposits on hot bundles
  • Limited admiralty brass corrosion control using only azoles
  • Escalating dispersant demand due to phosphate precipitation with well water iron and aluminum carryover
  • Increased chlorine demand due to algae growth on the towers

These complexities, along with emerging environmental restrictions on phosphorus discharge, prompted a multi-year research effort by ChemTreat to develop a product that alleviates these challenges. The result of this endeavor is FlexPro™ CL: a versatile, phosphorus and zinc-free approach to cooling water treatment.

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