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Flue Gas Condensers



The flue gas condenser supplied by Van Dijk heating has been a success for more than 35 years now. The Van Dijk heating flue gas condenser was introduced back in 1976, making it one of our oldest products. A flue gas condenser makes it possible to cool down flue gases to a temperature below the dew point and, by doing this, utilise the condensation heat generated by the flue gases. This results in better efficiency from your burner and significant savings on your energy bill.

  • Great energy savings
  • Proven quality and a long working life
  • Expertise
  • A modular construction, making it possible to offer a solution for every situation
  • Easy to integrate with our CO2 dosing units


The working life achieved by a condenser will depend largely on the materials used. Right from the very beginning, Van Dijk heating decided to use only high-quality corten steel and aluminium in its flue gas condenser. After more than 35 years, these materials have more than proved their sustainability. Added to this, the materials are fully recyclable, making them as environmentally friendly as possible.

The heat exchanger in the flue gas condenser produced by Van Dijk heating has been made from extruded aluminium ribbed tubes. The inner tube and all of the plate sections for the casing are made from corten steel, a weather-proof steel that protects itself by forming a thin oxide layer. As a result, many of the condensers supplied by Van Dijk heating last 25 years and more. So, it is no surprise that more than 10,000 have been installed worldwide so far.

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