FREYLIT Umwelttechnik GmbH

FREYLIT Umwelttechnik GmbH

- Model CHVTP 600 - Wash Water Recycling System



With the CHVTP system we remove suspended solids by a three stage process. By stainless steel pump protector coarse screen to block out solid waste.By hydro-cyclone to remove larger particles.By dissolved air flotation to remove fine flakes and particles.Freylit has been engaged for many years in researching new wash water recycling technology. Recently we discovered that, when wash chemicals are mixed together with dirt and exposed to sunlight algae will grow. These algae will stick to pipes, tanks, car wash and other surfaces and act as a culture for bacteria. These bacteria will cause bad odour. To combat this problem Freylit developed the high voltage electrode which does not only kill bacteria, but is also very effective in preventing the growth of algae. Moreover, the High Voltage Electrode will cause a flocculation of fine particles.

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