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- Model MSSH - Multipoint Sampling System – Heated



Gasmet heated Multipoint Sampling System MSSH is designed for online monitoring of multiple measuring points. Gasmet MSSH can be used with Gasmet CEMS ll e system. Gasmet MSSH is an ideal tool for sampling trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas streams, as the sample pump, filter and valves can be heated up to 180°C. The Gasmet MSSH consists of two wall-mounted stainless steel units, a heated module, and a control module. The control module includes all power connections and temperature controllers for heated lines and heated module.

The standard setup includes valves for controlling two (2) sample gas inputs, but up to 8 lines can be added according to customer need. MSSH can be equipped with a pump when used with Gasmet analyzers and used without the pump when operated as sample point switching box with CEMS ll e.

Gasmet MSSH is fully automatic sampling system controlled by the Calcmet software. When used with CEMS ll e, the Gasmet MSSH is connected to the Gasmet Industrial Computer of CEMS ll e.

As an option, the sampling system can be equipped with sample probes and/or heated lines.

  • Multiple measuring points
  • Wall-mounted solution
  • Can be used with CEMS ll e

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