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- Model GEM5000 - Portable Landfill Gas Extraction Monitor



The GEM5000 is an easy to use portable gas analyser designed to aid balancing the gas field, maximise power output and ultimately maximise revenue from CH4 extraction.

  • Robust, portable gas analyser designed specifically for landfill application
  • Measures % CH4, CO2 and O2 gases as standard
  • CH4 and CO2 accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration
  • The GEM5000 is individually built to customers’ specification which means that you can upgrade it after manufacture if circumstances change
  • 3 years free warranty available for this product
  • The on board context-sensitive help enables you to pick up and use the analyser without having to be trained
  • Minimum O2 gas recorded
  • Records static and differential pressure
  • Choice of user settings which are customisable for each technician
  • New and improved Firmware Updater Tool: you can now skip answering numeric questions; specify data logging intervals from as low as 15 seconds; the gas check screen now provides bottle pressure information to prevent analyser damage and costly repair
  • Completely multilingual menu, instructions, support literature and how-to videos in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK; used in over 60 countries throughout the world
  • New firmware updates available
  • Accessories available for the GEM5000
  • Demonstrations, hire, training, technical support immediately available to users

  • ATEX, IECEx, MCERTS, CSA and UKAS calibration (ISO17025) certified
  • Aids balancing of gas field
  • Real time adjustments can be made
  • Gain maximise power output from site
  • Easy to read menus and on-screen guidance
  • No need for self-certification of anemometer
  • Maximise revenue from CH4

  • NH3
  • CO2
  • CO
  • H2
  • H2S
  • CH4
  • O2

  • Gas flaring
  • Landfill gas field management

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