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Global Water Composite/Discrete Water Sampler

This composite/discrete sampler allows you to control sample size and take either individual, time-weighted composite samples or full-bottle discrete grab samples in a two-gallon sample bottle. You can set the time between individual composite samples or use the external trigger mode for flow-proportional sampling. Use the start delay timer to start multiple samplers in the field at the same time or delay drawing a water sample following a triggering event so that the sample better represents the water source. The automatic 15 second backflush cycle ensures that the next composite sample is not contaminated. Sample size can be adjusted to one of 15 composite sample sizes from 50 ml to 2 liters, and the time interval can be set to one of 15 time settings from 5 minutes to 12 hours. Comes complete with a two-gallon polyethylene sample bottle, a peristaltic sampling pump, a circuit board controller, a sample pickup hose, a rechargeable gel cell battery, and a battery charger. Specifications Sample Size: Composite, 50 ml to 2 liter samples as set by user. Two gallon composite sample maximum. Size: 9˝D X 17˝W X 22˝H. Weight: 20 lbs. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C. Materials: Enclosure, Expanded UV protected by PVC; Bottle, 2 gallon polyethylene; Sample Tubing, Polyethylene. Sample Pump: Flow Rate, 1,000 mL per minute at 4 ft. head; Type, Peristaltic; Maximum Lift, 20´. Logic Timer/Controller: CMOS Solid State (fully potted in epoxy). Sample Hose: One 15´ PVC reinforced 1/4˝ ID polyethylene flexible tubing section with intake strainers. Hoses may be extended, as required, using standard 1/4˝ tubing and fittings. Battery: Rechargeable 5 AH Gel Cell. Battery Life: one hour, continuous pumping under load; standby, three months while still retaining enough power to run the pump to capacity.

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