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Stolz S.A.

Granules Sifter with Oscillation Screens



It is a specific oscillation system that optimizes the distribution of products while limiting the dynamic loads. It is suitable for all particle sizes whose spectrum ranges from large-diameter granules starchy products. The finished products can be of different types depending on the application using mono or multidirectional cases with flexible circular connecting elements. It provides the possibility of depression start. There is a version with an integrated crumble to the sifter. The PTAG sifter isa suspended case animated by a circular- horizontal motion. It is intended to separate the products from different particle sizes by successive steps of inclined screens The PTAG is mainly used to work with products intended for animal feed, but can be used for other applications. The particles sizes of the products worked with can vary from 0.5 mm to 25 mm. The trayectory of the movement is adjustable to adapt the linear velocity of the product according to each need.

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