- Model GL-HDL-390 - Greywater Irrigation System


Dual 150 mesh (100 micron) self-cleaning primary filter, 6.8 sq. ft. surface area, Triple 150 mesh (100 micron) secondary filter, Self-regulating filter wash system, 1 HP irrigation pump, 1100 watt, 9.8 amps, 115v (230v also available), Auto-fill control for potable water supplementation, Auto-fill air gap for back flow prevention, Service debris guard, Heavy-duty LLDPE processor shell, 390 gallon built-in greywater reservoir (expandable in 165 gallon increments), Vented greywater reservoir, Filter access cap with compression latch, Bolt-down lid, System performance indicators, 60 GPM maximum greywater inflow rate.

GreyLink Automatic Greywater Routing

  • Weather station controlled automatic greywater diversion system returns greywater back to the sewer during rainfall
  • 120VAC, 60Hz

Irrigation System

(Weathermatic SL 1600 Controller)

  • 4-zone base model included, expandable to 16 zones using slide in SLM4
  • 4-zone hot-swappable modules (Indoor/outdoor rated)
  • Internal 120VAC/230VAC transformer with plug and play pre-installed 6’ line cord (removable for conduitwired installations)
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • 2 run modes: Standard mode runs user input zone runtimes; Auto Adjust mode requires SLW Series On-Site
  • Weather Station to calculate weather based run times that override user input zone run times
  • Rain/Freeze sensor bypass/active button located onface panel displays sensor status with tri-color LEDs (red indicates sensor is prohibiting irrigation; orange indicates an extended rain delay after weather station rain sensor permits irrigation; green indicates normal operation)
  • 4 programs: A, B, C; program D can operate concurrently
  • 8 start times per program
  • Nonvolatile memory and real time clock/calendar circuit to retain programs as well as correct date and time – with no battery required
  • Zone run times settable from 1 min. to 9 hrs. 55 min. with operation countdown displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds (zone run times overridden by weather based calculated values in Auto Adjust mode)
  • Watering day selections of custom days of the week, odd/even, or interval days
  • Omit settings: omit time of day window, omit day(s) of week, and omit up to 7 calendar dates
  • Seasonal % adjust by program, by month for simple year round water budgeting (monthly percentages overridden in Auto Adjust mode)
  • Fault review displays all faults, including open and shorted zones
  • Diagnostic test function using on-board multi-meter displays transformer voltage; milliamp measurement for each zone
  • Built-in valve locator function for locating hidden valves by simply listening for the audible chatter of the solenoid created by a unique electrical frequency (patent pending)
  • Review menu displays accumulated ET deficits by zone (in inches) and corresponding zone run times for the next available watering day
  • Review menu displays maximum run time and min maximum soak time used during Auto Adjust mode
  • Review menu displays temperature readings (daily high/low) for previous 5 days
  • Review menu accumulates total run times by zone from the last reset date
  • Review menu provides the ability to clear deficits for all zones
  • Rain delay of 1 – 7 days may be selected (to pause and
  • automatically resume operation)
  • SLW weather station extended rain delay programmable from 0 – 99 hours
  • Run/Soak cycles allow setting of maximum run time and minimum soak time by program for use in Standard mode only
  • Zone-to-zone delay programmable for 1 min. – 3 hrs.

(Weathermatic SLW5 Weather Station)

  • Real-time weather data recording and processing enables ET-based water scheduling to occur
  • Weather data is used to create powerful reporting when connected to the SmartLink™ Network
  • Adjustable Rain Sensor - 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 inch
  • Prevents watering during freezing weather - below 37F/3C
  • Compatible with the SmartLine® controller family
  • SLW5 900mhz Range - 1,500ft LOS SLW1 Includes - 35ft of cable

(Weathermatic SL-AIRCARD-FLOW2F SmartLink Cellular Aircard with Flow Sensor)

  • Web-based control from your computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Detect leaks, broken heads, lateral and main line breaks
  • Significant amounts of water saved, and measurable
  • Determine actual water use with daily reports
  • User defined low/high flow limits, by zone
  • Automatic shutdown of both master and/or zone valve when flow limits are exceeded
  • Email alerts provide you the ability to react fast
  • Cellular-based communication
  • 2 year service plan included

(Irritrol 2400T Irrigation Valves)

  • 4 valves included
  • Threaded bonnet design
  • Rugged, double-beaded SANTOPRENE® diaphragm
  • Internal and external bleed (flush mode)
  • Full stainless-steel metering system
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion and UV-resistant PVC, glassfilled polypropylene and stainless steel construction
  • Buna-N valve seat seal
  • Floating bleed tube allows thermal expansion without affecting performance
  • Encapsulated injection-molded solenoid with a captive hex plunger
  • Flow range: .25-30 GPM
  • Pressure range: 10-150 psi
  • Solenoid: 24 V ac
  • Inrush volt-amp: 24 V ac-9.6 VA
  • Inrush current: .4 amp
  • Holding volt-amp: 24 V ac-4.8 VA
  • Holding current: .2 amp

Possessor shall provide convenient top access to removable 150 mesh filtering elements. The elements shall be attached to gasketed supporting frames with top access handles. The filter assemblies shall seat in a removable filter carriage with both intake and filter element gasketing. The filter carriage shall include a debris removal overflow receptacle and filter flush tubes.

A self adjusting floating spray ring shall utilize filtered greywater to dislodge debris collected against the filter elements.

A secondary filter assembly with performance indicators shall include follow up filtering as well as indicating pump and irrigation operating performance. Processor shall include 390 gallons of built-in water containment.

The processor pump shall be capable of 60 PSI discharge pressure. An integrated electronic auto-fill shall be capable of directing potable make up water through an air-gap backflow preventer.

Possessor automation shall include automatic weather based greywater rerouting.

Discharge flow monitoring shall be available through an air card. The aircard shall provide communication with the irrigation controller allowing remote read outs and zone programing from a smart phone, tablet or PC.

The irrigation controller shall include on-site weather station based program override. The controller shall include 4 programs with 8 start times per program. Four irrigation zone valves shall be included with a pressure range of 10-150 PSI.

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