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- Model HNS Series - Metering Systems for Polymers



An HNS series thickener works with a rotary drum thickening process to obtain a high solid content treatment effect.

  • Higher than 96% solid recovery rate
  • Steady operation with little to no noise
  • Easy operation and maintenance ensures a long service life.
  • The perfect thickening effect can easily even out the varying sludge concentrations.
  • A 40% output capacity is larger than other machines that occupy the same amount of floor space.
  • The costs of land, construction and labor are all saved as this machine takes up less floor space with its simple structure, small flocculent requirements and fully automatic operation.

The slurry and flocculating polymer are poured into the conditioning tank of the rotary drum sludge thickener for uniform agitation. Then, the hardly dehydrated floc granules are formed, and flow into a drum for sludge-water separation. The conditioned sludge is guided into the fine mesh of the drum. A large amount of supernatant free water will be filtered, when a centrifuge rotates slowly under conditions of the rotational speed of 22r.p.m. and the power of 0.37kW per unit.

As a result, the slurry is thickened. The processing capacity of our rotary drum sludge thickener is improved, and the operating time is shortened. The separated sludge can highly reduce the load of the belt for permeating water. Meanwhile, the sludge group is constructed firmly. No sheet-flood or side-overflow phenomenon will occur. Then, the dehydration efficiency is enhanced, and the water content rate is lowered. After separation, the solids content of the free water varies from 0.5‰ to 1‰, which is closely related with the dosage and types of the polymer.

The semi-centrifugal rotary drum thickener can filter the free water by means of external force. It has high requirements for the polymer and the binding force of sludge. In comparison with the belt thickening machine, our rotary drum sludge thickener can offer the thickened sludge with lower water content. The sludge with its water content of over 1.5% is a better choice.

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