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DiaZone OW (ozone-water) systems are ideally suited for the disinfection of harvested rainwater in tanks of all sizes.  No chemicals are required.  Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that rapidly diffuses in stored water and effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms of all types.


Collected or harvested rainwater is typically stored in large tanks either above or below ground. In either case, in order to prevent the uncontrolled growth of microorganisms in the stored water, it is always necessary to maintain a level of disinfection. This can be achieved by chemical addition (for example, chlorine) but a better and more environmentally friendly way to proceed is to install a DiaZone OW (ozone-water) system.

DiaZone electrolytic cells generate oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3) from the 'O' in H2O. No chemicals are required and maintenance is minimal. Water quality is significantly improved and typically no disinfection by-products are produced.

Notably chlorine disinfectants produce unwanted and toxic by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs), both of these group of compounds are known to be toxic and harmful to human health.  In general, all chlorinated and brominated organic compounds in the water supply are considered to be undesirable.

DiaZone systems simply recirculate water from the tank, adding a small amount of ozone in the process.  Ozone, in solution, rapidly diffuses through the body of the stored water and maintains water hygiene. The capacity of the system and the amount of ozone added is a function of the volume of the tank, water usage, water chemistry and ozone demand. DiaZone systems are sized accordingly.

Ozone in solution is a powerful disinfectant that rapidly kills all known bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. The ozone concentration determines the rate of microbial lysis. Ozone is a powerful and fast-acting disinfectant and simply reverts to oxygen leaving no residues behind.

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