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High Altitude Atmospheric Lidar Monitoring Vehicle



The high-altitude atmospheric lidar vehicle is one of the most effective means to monitor the atmospheric condition, and the spatial&temporal evolution of high-altitude aerosols. Usually this vehicle system is equipped with Aerosol Laser Lidar with 3D scanning function, Doppler Wind Profile Lidar and Raman Temperature Lidar. Combined with camera system and the aerosol lidar system, the 3D scanning laser lidar could display horizontal, vertical aerosols and section scanning images on the GIS map, which could monitor and track atmospheric aerosols online and intuitively capture the location of pollution sources. Meanwhile, when integrated with the high-altitude wind field data(like real-time and average three-dimensional wind velocity and wind direction) provided by Doppler Wind Profile Lidar, and the accurate vertical profile of tropospheric temperature provided by Raman Temperature Lidar, the vehicle system could real-time monitor and determine atmospheric aerosols diffusion.

The modified atmospheric monitoring vehicle is equipped with an independent power supply system, various laboratory equipment, and a comprehensive laboratory platform for on-site instrument operation. With functions of equipment monitoring, information processing, decision support and communication command, the atmospheric monitoring vehicle allows a quick monitoring and provides technical support, when environmental emergencies happen.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 524
  2. Nanjing Iveco

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