- High Efficiency Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Hydrok Hybrid Submerged Aerated Filter (HY-SAF) offers a power efficient, robust, small footprint biological wastewater treatment solution individually designed to achieve the final effluent consent standard required. HY-SAF package treatment works are suitable for treating municipal wastewater for 100-3,000 PE (Population Equivalent) and industrial effluents - offering a complete turnkey package. With no moving parts in the main tank, the HY-SAF is simple to operate and low in maintenance. In order to minimise power costs, we incorporate control software linked to a highly efficient motor control centre, this ensures effective and accurate blower/air control delivery whilst maintaining the most efficient treatment process conditions.

  • Unlike conventional SAF units, no media clogging or sludge retention
  • No retained dead weight after draining down of cells
  • Reduced power consumption compared to conventional SAF units
  • Above or below ground installation
  • Robust performance
  • Simple in operation
  • No moving parts in main tank
  • Low maintenance
  • Rapid installation
  • High performance - Ultra low COD / BOD and total N removal options
  • Hire units available
  • Can be designed and provided with a complete control centre package

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