ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC

ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC

- High-Quality Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)


This high-quality powdered activated carbon (PAC) is our standard product for mercury capture in halogen-containing flue gas. Various properties including pore structure, particle size and shape, moisture and mineral content, have been optimized for mercury capture and sequestration. Use this product when you are firing high chlorine containing coals, or in conjunction with coal or flue gas additives for the oxidation of mercury. PowerPAC can be used routinely, or intermittently when managing coals from various sources. Either way, you can count on the high quality manufacturing process of this Powdered Activated Carbon and the reliable supply chain ADA Carbon Solutions delivers.

  • Effective pore structure for mercury absorption
  • Handles and flows well in utility injection systems
  • Reliable mercury capture and control in halogen-containing flue gas
  • Available in bulk trailers or 1,000-lb sacks
  • Optimized for flue gas mercury capture and sequestration

  • Moisture 8% maximum as packed
  • Size - 95% minimum minus 325 mesh

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