Céramiques Techniques Industrielles (CTI)

High Temperature Industrial Gas Dedusting Filters


In response to the specific high temperature industrial gas dedusting requirements (to recover energy from exhaust gases or allow downstream processing - DeNOx, absorption... - fumes requiring high temperature), CTI has developed a filter module based on ceramic membranes, which are especially suited to this application. Indeed, CTI's ceramic filters withstand up to 750°C and also provide a much better physical barrier than the sleeve filters previously used widely in the market and that require gas pre-cooling. Porous ceramic candles are arranged within a housing according to a honeycomb architecture. The hot gases enter from the outside of the candles and cross the finely calibrated porous walls and are then evacuated. The particles to be filtered bind to the ceramic membrane to form the 'cake' which is discharged automatically by compressed air ('pulse jet' unclogging).

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