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- Model II - Hybrid Cryostat Cooled Radiation Detectors



The CANBERRA Cryo-Cycle II is a unique offering in the field of cryogenically cooled radiation detectors. The Cryo-Cycle II is described as a “hybrid” cryostat because it combines the advantages of electric cooling with the reliability of liquid nitrogen. The long-life Pulse-Tube cryocooler, condenses the boil-off N2 gas back into the 25 liter Dewar. This unique capability provides the convenience of operating a detector for 12 to 18 months before LN2 needs to be added, but at the same time keeps the detector cold in case of power failure.

With the Cryo-Cycle II the LN2 supply keeps the detector cold for up to one week without power. There is no interruption of cooling. There is no down-time due to partial warm-up as long as LN2 level is maintained. There is no risk of detector failure because of temperature cycling. LN2 lost during power outages may be replenished at any time. The Cryo-Cycle II comes with a number of improvements allowing us to answer our customers' requirements even better.


  • LN2 redundancy
  • Non-CFC/non-flammable refrigerant
  • Low power demand
  • Same footprint as standard LN2 Dewar
  • Long life Pulse-Tube cooler Lifetime (L5) >75000 hours of continuous operation
  • Remote read-out and control
  • Low vibration/low electrical noise
  • Available in dipstick and integral configurations
  • 2-year full warranty + pro-rated warranty on the  cooler
  • Low operating cost
  • Higher up-time
  • Field installable (dipstick
  • Quiet
  • No compromise on detector specifications
Key Improvements
  • Reduced cooler vibrations
  • Improved LN2 level sensor probe
  • Single front panel
  • RS-232 and USB interfaces
  • Alarm and autofill relay outputs
  • A Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The audible noise has been reduced to less than 60 dB(A), measured at 1 m distance, making the Cryo-Cycle II well suited for application in quiet laboratory environments.

The new LN2 level sensor probe provides better accuracy. The measured LN2 level is displayed through a continuous LED indicator scale on the front panel, allowing to better schedule periodic refills.

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