Hydra-Shield Inc

Hydra-Shield Inc

- Hydrant Security Cap


Stop vandals and water thieves cold with the remarkable HYDRA-SHIELD® SECURITY CAP … the ONLY hydrant cap that vandals and thieves can’t remove or destroy. The HYDRA-SHIELD® SECURITY CAP is forged from high strength alloy steel, machined, and then heat-treated and quenched to a 58-62 Rockwell “C” hardness. It is virtually impossible to crack or cut and impenetrable to drills. Because there are no opposing faces, no ordinary wrench can grip it. Even if a water thief uses a large pipe wrench, strap wrench or band wrench, only the slip ring will turn.

The only way to remove the HYDRA-SHIELD® SECURITY CAP is with a special patented mating wrench. The same mating wrench fits all cap sizes and is available with a built-in socket for your individual hydrant nut.


  • 4.5″ Security Cap  – Top
  • 2.5″ Security Cap – Middle
  • Security Cap Wrench – Bottom

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