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Hydrometry - Surface & Groundwater Level & quality



For efficient and accurate aquifer study, short and long term monitoring and data logging of hydrological sites, ELARD offers rugged and efficient sampling and monitoring equipment from different suppliers. These monitoring equipment and probes can be used for profiling, sampling, permanent data logging, and can be installed together with stand alone communication and telemetry equipment to permit remote control and data transmission as well as a network of monitoring stations.

Applications Include: 

  • Surface and Groundwater level and quality monitoring.
  • Water Conservation management.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation.
  • Well Survey.
  • Flood monitoring.
  • Coastal monitoring

Monitored parameters include water Pressure/Level , temperature, Conductivity, DO, PH/ORP, Turbidity, ISE parameters and many other specific parameters for each applications. With its list and different equipment, ELARD offers customers the best and most suitable, cost efficient and reliable monitoring solution according to each application.

Our Partners in Hydrometry: 
1. In-Situ Inc. of USA: 
From advanced aquifer characterization, to long-term monitoring, to economical data collection, In-Situ Inc. instruments yield accurate measurements, powerful data logging, and flexible communications. You'll find an instrument perfectly suited to your field water level or water quality application.

Products Include: 
Water Level measuring water Level and Temperature:

  • Rugged Troll Family
  • Rugged Level Tape Family
  • Level Troll Family

Water Quality measuring, water level , temperature, conductivity, DO, Turbidity, PH/ORP, and ISE parameters:

  • Troll 9500, Multiparameter Troll measuring
  • AquaTroll 200
  • AquaTroll 400

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