- Large Hydro Diversion Screens


Remove sediments and debris that damage nozzles, runners, and bearings. Avoid lost generation revenues and expensive maintenance costs and equipment replacements. Debris and sediment can plug nozzles and significantly damage runner blades and impellers in large hydro turbines. In some cases, loss of generation revenues can cost as much as $20,000 per day for every day that the turbine is down. When added to the maintenance costs required to either repair or replace these critical turbine components, the costs can easily exceed $100,000.


Hydroscreen has engineered and furnished nearly 25 MW of screened intake for large hydro diversions. Although many are in the 5 to 20 KW range, we have a number of larger diversions from 1 to 14 MW.

A good diversion screen is one of the best investments to make in large hydro infrastructure.  Hydroscreen designs the best possible diversion and screening configurations available. Field engineering and installation assistance are also available upon request.

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