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Grundfos multistage in-line centrifugal pumps, types CR, CRI and CRN, are designed for a wide range of applications.CR, CRI, CRN pumps are suitable for liquid transfer, circulation and pressure boosting of cold or hot clean liquids. CRN pumps is used in systems where all parts
in contact with the liquid are made of high-grade stainless steel. Pumped liquids Thin, clean, non-explosive liquids, not containing solid particles or fibres.

The liquid must not attack the pump materials chemically. When pumping liquids with a density and/or viscosity higher than that of water, use
motors with correspondingly higher outputs, if required. The CR pumps include two principals component: the motor and the unit pump. The CR motor pump is a Grundfos motor and It is EN compliance. The pump unit includes  optimized hydraulic components, different types of connections, an external protection, a head pump, and other different spare parts. The CR pumps are available in different models and materials in according to the pumped liquid.

The material of the pumps has to be select on the base of the liquid to pump. The range of the products is constituted by three base types:

  • CR, CRI for clean liquids, not aggressive, as drinkable waterand oils substances.

  • CRN CRN for industrials acid liquids (contact thetechnical Hytek office). For salty liquid or liquid withchloride, as the sea water, are available pumps in titanium(series CRT).

The choice of the connections pump depends from the nominal pressure and from the pipeline. The CR, CRI and CRN pumps offer an ample range of flexible connections to satisfy all the demands, among which:

  • Oval flange (BSP)
  • DIN flenge
  • PJE joint
  • Other types of connections on request.

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