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  • Tanks

  • Hytek - Fiberglass E-Tank

    Hytek - Fiberglass E-Tank

    Internal liner: Single piece seamless and weldless Polyethylene. Outside material: fiberglass armour ensuring mechanicals pressure resistance. IN/OUT connections: 2 1/2' 8UN; 4' 8UN; 6' and 8' flanged. Applications: Filters, Softeners; Demineralizations and for corrosion applications. Standar colour: ivory. Visible label: Hytek. Available models: from 8' X 17' to 63' x 149' (see technical data sheet). Max working pressure: 10 bar - 100.000 cicles....

  • Hytek - Polyetylene HY-TANK Tanks

    Hytek - Polyetylene HY-TANK Tanks

    Internal liner: PolyethyleneOutside material: Polyethylene which ensuring mechanicalspressure resistanceIN/OUT connections: 2 1/2' 8UN.Applications: Filters, Softeners; Demineralizations and for highcorrosion applications.Standar colour: blackAvailable models: from 8' X 17' to 13' x 54' (see technicaldata sheet)Max working pressure: 10 bar - (145 psi)Safety factor 4:1: = 32 bar (464 psi)Test pressure: 250.000 cicli 0 - 10 barMax Opereting temperature:...

  • Pumps

  • Hytek - Dosage Pumps

    Hytek - Dosage Pumps

    The operation of the pomp is intermittent: every time that an impulse is furnished on elctro-magnete, It produces a magnetic field that pushes a piston, which flows on buckles auto-lubricating to facilitate the brief run. A diaphragm is fixed on the head of the piston and it pushed the liquid in the body of the pumps The liquid escapes from the delivery sphere valves, while the suction valve is closed.

  • Hytek - Multistage Pumps

    Hytek - Multistage Pumps

    Grundfos multistage in-line centrifugal pumps, types CR, CRI and CRN, are designed for a wide range of applications.CR, CRI, CRN pumps are suitable for liquid transfer, circulation and pressure boosting of cold or hot clean liquids. CRN pumps is used in systems where all partsin contact with the liquid are made of high-grade stainless steel. Pumped liquids Thin, clean, non-explosive liquids, not containing solid particles or fibres.

  • Valves

  • Hytek - Aquamatic Valves

    Hytek - Aquamatic Valves

    Standard valves are normally open. Body and cap are of cast iron. Preformed stress-relieved diaphragm of Nitrile (Buna N) on Polyamide, and static seals are Nitrile, stainless steel and brass internal parts. Pipe sizes are 3/4 to 3-inch threaded (B.S.P.); 3- inch through 6-inch flanged drilled in accordance with ASA 16.1 class 125, or BSP 4504.

  • Hytek - Prodigit Valves

    Hytek - Prodigit Valves

    Exclusive design for an exclusive valve.  More than 4.7 m3/h and maximum of 120 litres of resin. Simple separation of the electromechanical parts from the hydraulic body (only 3 screws), easy removable impeller, easy entry to the components for normal maintenance (nozzles, injectors, o’ rings etc). Only three buttons for a full level access and granting an easier and faster personalisation.

  • Hytek - Fleck Valves

    Hytek - Fleck Valves

    A minimum pressure of 1.4 Bar is required for the valve to operate effectively. Do not exceed 8.5 Bar; if you face this case, you should install a pressure regulator upstream the system.