Phenomenex, Inc.

Impact Protein Precipitation Plates


Quickly and easily remove proteins from plasma samples, without the method development.

Rapid Protein Precipitation Impact protein precipitation plates with Solvent Shielding Technology offer a rapid and convenient way to remove proteins from plasma and tissue homogenate samples prior to analysis. The Solvent Shielding Technology design will withhold organic solvents above the filter membranes for up to 25 minutes, allowing for direct in-well precipitation upon sample addition. The precipitate is then filtered out via vacuum, centrifuge or positive pressure resulting in a clean, protein depleted extract.

Discover the Impact Advantage

  • Process plasma and tissue homogenate samples
  • Precipitate with acetonitrile or methanol
  • Square well design that is compatible with common vacuum manifolds and automated workstations
  • 2 mL well for large and small volume samples