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Sewer Equipment Company (Aust) - SECA

IMS-MICRO-Cutter – with axial movement


Capable of climbing and creeping, axial feed per feed ca. 100 mm, suitable for pipes of DN 80 - 150 (optional supplementary parts for diameters up to DN 250), suitable for use in bends of up to 67° in pipes of DN 100 upwards (without folds and similar  obstructions), suitable for use in inspection shafts and cleaning openings, 30 m media connection cables, connecting parts for insertion using pipe eel / fiberglas (pipe eel / fiber glas is not in standard scope of delivery) or for pulling in by rope, minimum outer diameter 70 mm, swivel movement of head approx. 110 mm (135°) with limit stop, turning movement of head ± 200° with limit stop, powerful pneumatic motor with approx. 0.6 kW at approx. 10,000 min-1 idling speed, integrated color camera, camera lens made of scratch and shock-proof sapphire, camera lens cleaning using air jets, two adjustable halogen headlamps 2 x 10 Watt, compressed nitrogen throughout the device to permit manual monitoring of tightness, transporting rack with wheels for hose and cutter, electrical slip ring lead-through, pneumatic rotational seal, control unit integrated in the rackwith TFT-Monitor and sun protection, Continuously adjustable light control, Dynamic joystick control of turning and swivelling, Control-LED for diagnostic error, Analogue video output, combinable with universal control panal, air drying unit with dirt filter and integrated water separator for dressing of compressed air for cleaning camera lens during cutting, compressed air requirement 1 m³/min max. 10 bar lead-in pressure; without oil (<0,1mg/m³), filtered (particle < 1 Micron) and with max. temp of 40°C, voltage 220V, 6A, 50 Hz (110 V, 60 Hz) , voltage precision +/- 1% between idling and full power, dimensions L x W x H = 660 x 550 x 800 mm, weight with rack approx. 45 kg.

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