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Reduction Capacity: From 175 kg/hr [385 lbs/hr] to 300 kg/hr [660 lbs/hr]. Shipping Dimensions: 7,010 [23’–0”] long x 2,743 [9’–0”] wide x 3,883 [12’–8 7/8”] high (stack shipped separately). Weight: 19 000 kg [41 800 lbs]. Approximate Diesel Fuel Usage: 25.0 – 40.0 L/hr [6.0 – 10.6 usga/hr].

Infratech incinerators are designed to meet ever increasing and stringent emission regulations around the world, while incinerating a wide variety of waste steam to suit your specific application and requirements.

The Infratech Solid Waste Incinerators include many of the following standard and optional design features:

  • Skid mounted, packaged and fully contained
  • Air controlled dual chamber designs
  • Choice of fuel supply including for diesel, natural gas or LP fuel
  • Packaged burners with flame safety & burner management systems
  • Safety & remote interlocks
  • Simple one button automated operation
  • Equipment systems designed to suit specific waste requirements
  • Well defined destruction efficiencies exceeding 99% is typical
  • Day tank for liquid fuel storage
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel refractory lined stack as required
  • Adjustable burn down times and operating temperatures
  • Primary chamber loading door and over pressure safety switches
  • Multi-phase refractory lined chambers

Equipment package optional equipment and systems including:

  • Dual fuel selection capabilities
  • Waste oil disposal systems
  • Waste sludge disposal systems
  • Semi-automated hydraulic waste feeder systems
  • Semi-automated hydraulic waste bin loading & tipping systems
  • Wet or dry flue gas scrubbing systems
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems – CEMS

Our in house project team includes Design, Engineering, Drafting, Project Management, Fabrication, Electrical & Instrumentation, through to onsite startup & commissioning. We are eager to review your solid waste incinerator application and look forward to working with you towards an equipment design suited specifically to your requirements.

Efficient Solutions Focused Results
Infratech is a private Canadian company incorporated in 1987 focused on providing world class products and services to our global client base.
Our group offers combustion process and incineration related products manufactured to exacting specifications. Our incinerator designs are application specific, allowing for cost efficient and environmentally sensitive combustion solutions for solid, liquid and gas waste. We also provide platform and mobile incinerators, as well as a variety of optional equipment and related technologies.

In addition to our incineration products we provide state of the art infrared imaging and thermographic consulting services to industry. Our experienced technicians are able to provide infrared inspections, IR scanning of heater furnace tubes, refractory, and electrical systems. Infratech also provides industry leading infrared gas leak detection services.

With in house manufacturing, CAD technology and dynamic consulting services we are able to satisfy a variety of demands across a broad business spectrum.


Infratech offers the design and manufacture of solid, liquid, and gas waste incinerators, as well as human cremation equipment. Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you towards a standard configuration model, or a custom design for any specific application or requirement.

Our client list of over 250 clients includes Imperial Oil, Talisman, Amoco, Chevron, PEMEX, Deutag Drilling, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, to mention only a few. Our incineration products are successfully at work around the world today in countries like Canada, Bangladesh, Chad, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Trinidad, UAE, USA, Venezuela, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, and the list continues to grow!

  • Unique Multi-chamber Modular Design - Increases the VOC destruction efficiency (greater then 99.9%), fuel efficiency and service life of the refractory lining
  • Easy to Use – Automated operation
  • Combustion Control to ensure clean burn
  • Vortex Mixing Chamber
  • Uniform Destruction of Waste
  • Superior Castable Refractory Lining products
  • High-Density Refractory Floor
  • VFD controlled combustion air blowers for rapid and responsive air modulation
  • Safety Systems provide excellent personnel and equipment protection
  • Numerous Options Available


Incinerators are fully contained on a CSA G40.21 350W wide flange skid, including lifting lugs. Each incinerator is designed with three chambers: the primary (loading) chamber, the mixing chamber, and the residence chamber. Our standard incinerator package includes a refractory lined stack with a stainless steel spark arrestor, as well as a fuel control and delivery system.

Our incinerators are controlled by a nano programmable logic controller allowing for automated operation. The system includes numerous safety systems and devices to prevent unsafe conditions for the operator or the equipment. Examples include mechanical limit switches, magnetic door locks, high temperature shutdown to mention only a few. All models are offered in standard, platform, and mobile configurations.


The following are options that can be added to our incinerators packages:

  • O2/COe Monitor
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) to meet the most stringent reporting and recording requirements
  • Ash Removal Personal Protective Equipment
  • Cold Weather Operating package
  • Waste Oil Disposal System
  • Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Ram Feeder
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Automatic Fill
  • Automatic Draft Control
  • PLC with a Touch Screen HMI

Specialty Units
Infratech also manufactures customized incinerators to meet customer specific environmental, sizing, waste, and emission requirements for solid, liquid, or gas waste applications.

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