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- Model KACS - Centrifugal Scrubber



The centrifugal scrubber KACS, is a counter-current contact apparatus for heat transferral and/or mass transferral between a medium in a gaseous state and a suspension of fluid droplets or sorbent particles in the gaseous state media.

  • KACS can also be used to separate dust particles or fluid droplets from a medium in a gaseous state.
  • KACS is a completely new principle and is protected by patent. There are many processes within industries which use scrubbers, spraying compartments or reactors of different kinds for the transfer of heat or mass from a gaseous state medium and fluid droplets suspended in the gaseous state media.
  • The centrifugal scrubber can be a very interesting and compact alternative for thermal processes such as condensors, heat exchangers, spray dryers, granulate dryers or coolers.
  • The apparatus is available for flow areas between 0.5 -10 m3/s, and can be coupled in parallel for larger flows.

  • Optimal contact zones through the counter-current principle via a forechamber and tangential gas in-flow and the use of centrifugal force.
  • Optimal particle collection via a radial displacement with effective dispersal of the water droplets.
  • High availablilty through the self-cleansing large water flow.
  • Compact installation, which minimizes the assembled volume.
  • Gives good economy – through low investment and maintenance costs.
  • Free choice of materials, vital parts are preferably constructed in plastic and/or acid-proof steel.
  • No mobile parts

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