- Model JNOX - NO2 to NO Sample Gas Converter



Applications: For extractive gas analysis. For emission and process monitoring. Conversion of NO2 to NO for NOx-measurement. Enables the use of infrared-analysers. For dry sample gases with unheated inlet or for hot and humid sample gases with heated inlet.

  • Variable applicable due to different housing and equipment versions
  • Long lifetime of the converter cartridge of approx. 106 ppmh NO2
  • High conversion ratio
  • Fast response time due to low dead volume
  • No CO-Emission with molybdenum containing converter filling material
  • High flow performance
  • Low cross sensitivities

  • In 19“-, wall mounting or portable housing
  • Efficiency of converter > 96 %
  • Digital temperature indication and status LED’s
  • Status contact
  • Conversion material carbon or metallic (molybdenum containing)
  • Model with unheated or heated bypass connection upstream conversion for additional measurements or fast response times
  • Model with local or remote controllable unheated or heated 2/3-way solenoid valve to bypass the converter cartridge for calibration or test gas feeding

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