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Jeffrey Rader AB Hammermills - Versatile, High-Capacity Pulverizers and Crushers Reduce Most Friable, Fibrous Materials. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Jeffrey Rader offers you the best value when your machine needs a rebuild or retrofit. Contact us for a quote to a rebuild, retrofit or upgrade your existing Jeffrey Rader Equipment. Backed by more than 90 years of application experience, each model in our complete line of Jeffrey Rader hammermills is constructed with heavy plate steel, equipped with heavy-duty components that ensure long service life, and engineered to deliver proven performance benefits.

  • Coal - Sampling Systems, Prep Plants (Fine Grinding), Power Plants
  • Aggregate - Limestone
  • Agricultural - Fertilizer, Feed Plants
  • Recycling - Paper Shredder, Cardboard Tubes, Computer Boards
  • Chemical Plants - Agglomerated Material


You can use Type AB hammermills in a wide variety of applications. The type of material you are reducing determines the rotor configuration, and the product size you desire determines the screen bar arrangement.

For pulverizing friable materials such as limestone, Jeffrey Rader hammermills come with rectangular swing hammers. For shredding materials such as waste paper, fiberglass mats, or rubber—or when the application requires the machine to run at slow speed—choose rigid hammers.

  • Rigid, Welded, All-Steel Construction provides rugged housing for the toughest applications. Assures long life, as well as low maintenance and operating costs.
  • Welded Screen Bar Sections are fabricated from alloy steel.  Allows more discharge area for greater capacity. Optional Perforated Plates are available for specific applications.
  • Various Rotor configurations allow maximum flexibility for specific applications.
  • Large-Diameter Hammer Pins increase pin-wearing area. Promotes maximum life.
  • Adjustable Hinged Breaker Plate* allows exact setting for varying product sizes and accommodates plate wear. Improves end product quality and maximizes liner life.
  • Drilled and Tapped Rotor Shaft* permits hydraulic bearing removal. Reduces maintenance time and increases production time.
  • Double-Sealed Roller Bearings take the load and resist contaminants. Promotes longer service life.
  • Replaceable, Hardened/Heat-Treated Liners guard against wear and heavy impact. Liners are drilled, tapped, and bolted from the outside. Assures integrity, resulting in less downtime and lower repair costs.
  • Heavy Duty, Disc-Type Rotor is mounted on high-strength, alloy steel shaft with self-aligning roller bearings. Rotor is balanced statically and dynamically for smooth operation. Delivers long service life.
  • Swing Hammers are available in several configurations and interchangeable for various product sizing. Assures longer life, consistent product sizing, and lower operating costs.
  • Optional Rigid Hammers can be installed for slow-speed applications or harder-to-shred materials. Allows greater application flexibility.
  • Readily Accessible Rear Doors open to allow access to the hammermill for inspection and maintenance. Cuts maintenance time and simplifies repair efforts.
  • Large, Clean-Out Inspection Covers and Doors are easily accessed.
  • Extended Lower Housing* With 180º Product Discharge Area aids the movement of material and reduces the tendency to plug. Increases effective capacity, reduces horsepower requirements, and lowers operating costs.
  • Jeffrey's Hammermill Frames are constructed from heavy plate. Ensures long service life.
  • Bearing Fill Block permits easier bearing removal and eliminates the necessity of removing the rotor. Reduces maintenance time and costs.
  • Supplied with Model 44AB and larger hammermills.

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