Jenfitch, LLC

- Chemicals for Liquid/Solid Separation



Jenfitch offers a variety of chemicals that can be used to improve liquid/solid separation for industrial and municipal water treatment processes. We offer coagulants and flocculants that are NSF approved for potable use as well as potable water reuse applications.

We are currently being used in:

  1. centrifuges
  2. belt filter presses
  3. screw presses
  4. plate/frame presses
  5. others

With over 30 years of experiences in the industry, we have the technical expertise to help you find and optimize the best chemical treatment program for your liquid/solid process.

Customer reviews

  1. By Kevin Hester on

    JC9450 is the best pre ox product we have ever used. When our plant has a malfunction and the 9450 stops feeding our solids do not settle and our turbidity spikes! Very good multi use product.