- Model 2825PD - Compact Compressor or Sample Pump



The J.U.M. Engineering 2825PD is a very compact compressor or sample pump. The 2825PD is made of 316 Stainless Steel with aluminum heads as a compressor or it is made from all stainless steel to be used as a dual or high flow sample pump. In the all stainless version it withstands normal corrosive gasses as they are present in standard stack gas emission. The pump drive mechanism has been designed for a smooth and low vibration, silent and long lasting continuous mode of operation.

How our Diaphragm pumps and compressors work:
Driven by the electric motor via a drive shaft mounted on an excenter, the elastic diaphragm is moved up and downwards in a sealed pumping chamber.

While being on the downward stroke, that diaphragm draws the air or other gas through the opening inlet valve. When the drive shaft strokes the diaphragm upwards, it forces the inlet valve to close while the medium (air or other gas) is being pushed out through the outlet valve. The pump’s compression chamber is hermetically sealed against the drive mechanism. Our pumps compress, pump or evacuate gasses completely oil free.

  • Transferring, extracting or compressing air, vapors and gasses
  • No contamination of the media due to oil free operation
  • Long product life
  • Highly leak tight: 6 X 10-3 mbar X 1/s
  • Very low vibration, very quiet and smooth running
  • Temperature resistant version up to 200 deg.C
  • Can be operated and mounted in any position

  • Typical applications are transferring and compressing air and other gasses between +5 deg.C and +80 degC
  • Operating ambient temperature from +5 degC to +45 deg.C
  • This pump does not start against pressure or vacuum. Inlet and outlet lines need to be atmospheric pressure.
  • This pump is built IP-00, general purpose and can only be used in an appropriate enclosure. Pump cannot be used in an area with a risk of explosion

  • Flow capacity: Max. 25 liter/ min. @ free flow
  • Max. pressure: 3.0 bar (g)
  • Diaphragm and Valves: FPDM

  • 230V/50Hz, 0,8A, 1340 UPM

  • Compressor for air purifiers
  • Sample pump for CEMs
  • Sample pump for stack emissions

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