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Woven geotextiles GEOJUTEX geotextiles are geosynthetic products used in building & construction industry, made from polypropylene tapes using weaving looms. The main attribute of this product line is high tensile strength value at low elongation rate.Tensile strength of GEOJUTEX fabrics ranges from 10 to 80 kN/m, standard colour of the material offered is black.Woven geotextiles 10 and 15 kN/m are supplied in rolls 5,25 m wide, roll width of the remaining tensile strength categories is 5,20 m (roll length being 100 m in general).

Due to high quality raw materials used in the production plus a long-lasting and vast experience of our highly qualified personnel uniting in the finished product, our woven geotextiles GEOJUTEX represent a reliable solution for a broad array of engineering structures and installations (various road and railway projects, tram lines, aiport runways, parking lots), wherein they fulfill separation and filtration functions.

Woven geotextiles GEOJUTEX are resistant against actions of microorganisms, fungi and moulds. Resistance to wide range of chemical substances is likewise provided. The product is UV-stabilized.

GEOJUTEX is an environment- and health-friendly product, it does not contain heavy metals or any other harmful substances. It is characterized by excellent mechanical & hydraulic properties and a long life span.

Woven geotextiles GEOJUTEX are being tested according to tests listed in the respective harmonized EU standards covering geotextiles and similar products, the manufacturing is subject to thorough control procedures carried out both in internal laboratory of the factory and in independent external testing institutes. The manufacturing plant producing GEOJUTEX woven geotextiles has been certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system) a OHSAS 18001 (labour safety and protection management system). The factory is being regularly audited by an accredited company issuing FPC certificate as a result of the audit. All Geojutex products bear CE mark.

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