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- Quality Control System



The complete quality control procedure covering the entire manufacturing process of all geoNETEX grades comprises 3 quality control levels.

  1. The manufacturing is always preceded by raw material quality control. It must be confirmed that  all specific quality requirements have been met. Non-woven geotextiles geoNETEX are being manufactured from diverse types of staple fibres, their basic characteristics (smoothness, length, precipitability, crimpiness, tensile strength, elongation, UV stabilization level, flammability) being optimized depending on the requirements towards the end product.
  2. During the very manufacturing process of geoNETEX, every roll is thoroughly monitored for the occurance of mechanical defects (metal-particles-detection routine), the material´s grammage is being observed over the whole width of the roll (continuous areal weight measurement system).
  3. The last stage of quality control (carried our in the manufacturing plant´s internal laboratory) covers finished products. The individual characteristics are being tested with a frequency defined in the respective internal directives of the company, also specifying requirements for individual product grades and admissible tolerance intervals for all parameters concerned. Only those items complying with all requisites are released for shipment - accompanied by corresponding material quality certificate(s) issued in accordance with EN 10204. The manufacturing plants producing geoNETEX non-woven geotextiles have been certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system) a OHSAS 18001 (labour safety and protection management system). These factories are being audited by accredited external institutes on a regular basis. Independent testing laboratories also testify usability of geoNETEX in construction &  building projects worldwide (according to regulations in force in the country/countries concerned).

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