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- Squeeze Indicator for Membrane Chamber Plates



Squeezing indicator working on the basis of the flotation principle shows equilibrium position when no squeezing media is flowing As far as the cake can be further compressed the indicator will remain deflected showing that the squeezing process is not yet finished At maximum deflection the full cross area of the flow channel is opened In case of a membrane plate leak the indicator deflects contrary to all the other indicators and thus locates loss of the squeezing media.

  • Detection of the end of the squeezing process
  • Location and detection of defects and leaks
  • Gas (e.g. air) or liquid (e.g. water, oil) as squeezing medium

Description and Principle of Squeeze Indicator

  • The squeeze indicator comprises a polypropylene body including a specially engineered inspection glass
  • The indicator acts according to suspended flow meter principle.
  • Squeeze indicator is mounted in the press medium line of each membrane plate or can be integrated in the membrane plate directly.
  • The Indicator moves back to equilibrium position in case there is no press medium flow and visually indicates termination of squeezing.
  • As long as filtercake is compressible the press medium flow does not stop and indicator remains in a non-equilibrium position indicating
    that squeezing is still ongoing.
  • In case of a defect membrane the indicator remains in non-equilibrium position for this plate.

Advantages using the JVK membrane squeeze indicator

  • Suitable for squeeze pressures up to 20 bar (media: air, water)
  • Minimizing cycle time by direct indication of squeeze process end
  • with optimization of daily output
  • Savings in energy consumption (compressed air etc.)
  • Fast and reliable detection of membrane failure and thus:
  • less downtime
  • optimization of overall operating costs
  • Safety feature avoiding potential differential pressures due to
  • membrane failure
  • Can be retrofitted to existing membrane filter plates
  • Direct electronic read-out possible

  • The squeezing indicator
  • Shows the end of cake compression and therefore is minimizing the squeezing respectively cycle time
  • Optimises the filter press capacity especially when products often change
  • Detects reliable membrane leakage
  • Warns of possible plate deformations with potential subsequent production breakdown
  • Can be installed in already existing membrane plate packages


Feed of squeezing media

  • Indicator maximal deflected to inflow direction
  • Full inflow cross area is opened


Filter cake squeezing

  • Filter cake compressing
  • Squeezing media inflow reduced
  • Indicator only partially deflected


End of the squeezing

  • No flow of squeezing media
  • Indicator in equilibrium


Membrane leak

  • Clear squeezing media flow
  • Only this indicator is deflected


Discharge of squeezing media

  • Indicator in outflow direction maximal deflected
  • Complete outflow cross area is opened

  • View window: Polycarbonate
  • Core body: Polypropylene
  • Squeezing pressure at max. 40°C: max 16 bar
  • Connection for squeezing media: G ½“ to max. G 1“
  • Dimension: H 140 x B 70 x T 65 mm


Integrated in plate w/o additional hoses.


View window: glass
Core body: Polypropylene
Squeezing pressure at max. 40 °C:

  • 16 bar
  • 25 bar
  • 40 bar


View window: glass
Core body: Aluminium
Squeezing pressure at max. 90 °C:

  • 16 bar
  • 25 bar
  • 40 bar

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