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- Sewage Sludge Pelleting Plants



Adaptable Technology: Compacted and dust-free municipal and industrial sewage sludge can be treated further at low costs.


KAHL sewage sludge pelleting provides:

  • Easy transport
  • Use as cover material in landscaping
  • Well-suited quality for thermal utilisation

After an appropriate pre-treatment, the solid content of the sewage sludge is between 60 and 95 %. By means of the pan grinder rollers it is ground and compacted on the die. The bulk density of the pellets is about 800 kg/m³.

Powerful and long-lived
The pelleting elements have a service life of 1,500 - 2,000 hours, thus allowing fully automated unsupervised plants to operate for periods of about three months until the next maintenance.

Safety regulations do not cause any problems. At a maximum possible circumferential speed of 2.5 m/s and operating temperatures below 120 °C there is no danger of fire in the plant.

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