- Model XT HSSD - Detector High-Sensitivity Smoke Detector



The ORION XT detector’s laser particle counter is sensitive enough to detect the invisible airborne particles generated during the incipient stage of a fire. Detection this early allows time for corrective action and thus minimizing fire damage.

The Kidde ORION XT HSSD detects particles of combustion at levels of obscuration as low as 0.0015% per foot; thousand of times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors. Laser optics, and Kidde's particle counting technology provide for a stable, highly reliable incipient fire detector. An engineered & balanced air sampling network insures equal sensitivity throughout protected areas. The ORION XT is widely used for critical, high-asset equipment protection; process controls, robotics, MIS facilities, and automated conveyances.

  • Thousands of times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors
  • Programmable sensitivity range of 0.00075%/ft to 0.3%/ft obscuration
  • Laser particle-counting technology
  • Uses particle size discrimination—No filter required
  • Up To 20,000 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Two programmable alarm levels and two programmable pre-alarm levels
  • History buffer stores up to 28 days of smoke history

  • Up to 20,000 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Programmable sensitivity range: ultra detector: 0.00015%/ft. to 0.03%/ft. obscuration
  • Standard detector: 0.00075%/ft. to 0.03%/ft. obscuration
  • Use with IIM to network up to 127 detectors

  • UL Listed
  • FM Approved
  • ULC Listed
  • CSFM Listed
  • NYC MEA Approved

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