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- Pipe Bursting System



Is a well-established method for trench less replacement of water pipe, storm water and sewer pipes. An existing pipe is replaced size-for-size or up-sized with a new pipe in the same location. The technique is the most cost effective when there are few lateral connections, when the old pipe is structurally deteriorated, and when additionally capacity is needed.

Pipe bursting involves the insertion of a conically shaped tool (bursting head) into the old pipe. The head fractures the old pipe and forces its fragment into the surrounding soil. At the same time, a new pipe is pulled or pushed in behind the bursting head. The base of bursting head is larger than the inside diameter of the old pipe to cause the fracturing and slightly larger that the outside diameter of the new pipe, to reduce friction on the new pipe and to provide space for maneuvering the pipe. The rear of the bursting head is connected to the new pipe, while its front end is connected to a cable or pulling rod.

The bursting head and the new pipe are lunched from the insertion pit, and the cable or pulling rod is pulled from the reception pit, the cable/rod pull together with the shape of the bursting head keeps the head following the existing pipes.

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