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- Woven Stabilization Geotextile Fabric



Woven geotextiles are made from polypropylene as well, but the manufacturing process, product characteristics and applications differ dramatically from those of nonwovens. Narrow strands of polypropylene tape are woven together during manufacturing, producing a tough fabric, but one with much less permeability than nonwovens. Commonly known as ground stabilization fabric, wovens are effective in separating less desirable subsoils from gravel or paved surfaces. By effectively bridging over poorer-quality soils, they can provide savings in material costs and project life cycles. Perhaps the easiest way to understand the value of soil separation in roadway construction is to be aware that stone and gravel tend to sink into softer soils. A simple adage that road builders have used for years goes something like this: “Five pounds of stone on top of five pounds of mud equals ten pounds of mud.”

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