• Plate And Frame Design Dual capacity- Can be used with one or two frames for adjusted volume - .01 cu. ft. (283 cm3) or .02 cu. ft. (566 cm3) Area per frame - 17in2 (110 cm2)
  • Includes PP Plates and Filter Cloth Suitable for most waste solutions
  • Air Diaphragm Pump PP construction Flows adjustable to 5 gpm (15.7 LPM) Pressure adjustable to 60 psi (4.22 kg/cm2)

The Lab Filter Press is designed for lab analysis and small batch production. This press is also very useful for testing for upscaling to full production-size semiautomatic or manually operated presses. Includes PP plates, filter cloth, air diaphragm pump, pneumatic controls, pressure gauges, inlet flow control valve, hoses, manual hydraulic pump and drip pan. Entire assembly is mounted on a vinyl coated steel base. Flow pattern is corner inlet with three individual corner discharge lines.

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