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Lauter Tun - The Brewheart



The final beer quality and the overall plant output significantly depends on the Lauter Tun performance. And that's the reason we call it the Heart of the Brewhouse.

  • Higher Filtration Area as compared to conventional lauter tuns.
  • Innovative design of Raking arm mechanism.
  • Variable frequency drive for raking arm for varying speeds during Mash intake, Bed cutting and Spent grain discharge.
  • Adjustable location of knives in horizontal plane with zigzag and straight knives.
  • Unique Wort collection cup arrangement.
  • False bottom flushing nozzles with built-in check valves & special pop-up nozzles for thorough cleaning of the underside.
  • Placement of Wort Collection and flushing nozzles with the help of software calculations.
  • Special sparging system ensures gentle and even distribution with effective leaching of wort.
  • Absolutely plain true bottom.
  • Air free lautering consisting of closed loop ring pipe wort collection system.
  • Simple trouble-free mechanism for spent grain removal.
  • Mechanically operated Latching / Delatching of the spent grain - sweeping blade.

  • High extract efficiency.
  • Higher filtration area ensures lower cycle times.
  • Low oxygen pickup.
  • Flexibility to take varying raw materials as well as different types of raw materials.
  • Clear and improved quality wort production.
  • Improved Beer filteration characteristics.

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