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Commercial laundry systems are typically found in high occupancy, institutional facilities. Common problems associated with commercial laundry operations are fugitive laundry lint emissions polluting the exterior of the facility and fire hazards. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems has successfully designed and engineered a solution to these challenges. By law, commercial laundry facilities must also comply with state and local codes for particulate matter discharge from the facility. A facility with a large number of commercial dryers can discharge hundreds if not thousands of pounds of dust and lint into the atmosphere per year.

Particulate matter of any type and size is regulated by local air quality departments of the environment and the US EPA. Many states have geographical areas referred to as US EPA non-attainment areas. These are areas where air pollution levels are above state or federally mandated levels.

Why should a commercial laundry operation specify a high efficiency lint collector?

The risk of fire increases proportionally as the lint collector efficiency decreases. This is due to the deposition of flammable laundry lint inside ducting and in the vicinity of dryer exhausts in and around commercial structures including rooftops. Properly designed, sized and installed, a high efficiency laundry lint remover or lint collector will minimize the risk of fire in commercial laundry operations in addition to being in compliance with national and local environmental laws.

There are a number of lint removers on the market for commercial laundry operations. Cost is typically associated with lint collector efficiency. Low cost, low efficiency lint removers sometimes incorporate a cyclonic design combined with a nylon mesh internal sock or bag. High efficiency lint removers incorporate filtration that complies with Federal PM 2.5 and lower particulate standards.A commercial lint remover or lint collector will incorporate features that permit continuous duty use, easy emptying of contents, high dust and lint removal efficiency, low maintenance, fire protection, automated filter monitoring and cleaning systems and so on.To learn more about the subject, please contact our design center for details. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation can easily design a commercial laundry lint removal system to meet or exceed environmental laws as well as help keep your facility functioning at full capacity.

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