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For over 60 years the M&H 129 Hydrant has been produced to protect property and lives. Now, every modern hydrant feature is available on the 129 and we can retrofit to 60 year old hydrants. For the integrity of your system, specify M&H 129 Fire Hydrants with the assurance that our past reliability will continue into the future... all compatible. Further evidence of the 129’s unquestionable superiority is attested by its 10 year limited warranty protection on materials and workmanship.

  1. BONNET DESIGN is a single unit component with integral lubrication chamber completely isolating stem threads from any dirt or moisture. The one-piece operating nut/weathershield discourages tampering and repels outside weather elements that cause operating problems. A nylon thrust bearing maintains low operating torques effectively throughout hydrant life.
  2. DUAL LUBRICATION is a user option afforded by the 129 for selection of either grease or oil as operating mechanism lubricant. Standard factory procedure is to lubricate with grease. Oil is easily substituted in field by removing operating nut/weathershield bolt and add oil through bolt hole into reservoir. Either lubricant is contained in the chamber by two O-ring seals and water cannot enter when hydrant is operating under pressure.
  3. VEHICLE IMPACT protection is afforded by a split safety flange connection at ground line. In the event of a traffic accident, the safety flange breaks and the stem safety coupling separates allowing the above ground hydrant assembly to fall away cleanly from the standpipe flange without any damage to operating components. The 129 can also be rotated 360 for more desirable curb alignment of the nozzle outlets by simply loosening the safety flange bolts and turning the nozzle section.
  4. The 4-1/2' or 5-1/2' main valve opening assures high flow capacity. The compression type main valve opens against water pressure and is held shut by this pressure during repair or maintenance. Two drain valves provides quick drainage of the hydrant standpipe following closure of the hydrant. Those drains are self-flushing with each cycle of the main valve. A bronze-to-bronze seat retainer insures easy removal of the main valve should maintenance or repair be required. This is accomplished with a short disassembly wrench.

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